How to Get Rid of Security Master AV - A Security Master Removal Anyone Can Do in Minutes

If you have Security Master AV on your computer, you need to know that you have a virus which is trying to steal your personal data & scam you. This infection has been developed by hackers, and is a member of the "rogue antivirus" family of infections, designed to look like legitimate antivirus tools. Unfortunately, this virus is continually causing massive amounts of problems for the typical Windows system, and needs to be removed in its entirety. Here's what you need to do...

Removal of Security Master AV is a little bit more tricky than "normal" viruses, because of the way this infection is designed. It has an application on the "Front End", but in the "back end" (where you can't see), it has a series of codes & files which cause huge amounts of damage to your system. In order to perform a complete removal of this virus, you need to be able to get rid of both parts of it, not just the application.

This virus is known as a "spyware" program - which basically means that it will install itself onto your computer from Trojan Horse viruses, malicious websites and fake email scams, and then proceed to perform "fake" antivirus scans of your PC. All of the infections this virus says it finds are not real, and are designed to either scare you into buying the software... or to steal your personal details.

To remove this virus, you need to use an "anti-spyware" application that's going to be able to remove all parts of it from your PC. There are a lot of anti-spyware applications around, but the one which will be able to remove this virus is one called "MalwareBytes", but you also have the choice of using the likes of "Spyware Doctor" and "XsoftSpySE" as well.

Once you have downloaded one of these programs, you should then install it onto your computer (you may have to do this in "safe mode") and let them perform a "deep" scan of your computer. This deep scan will basically make the tool scan through your entire PC, removing all elements of the Security Master AV infection. After you've used one of these tools, you should then look to use a "registry cleaner" application to fix any of the infected registry settings that this virus has. 

A registry cleaner is a software program that's been designed to scan & fix a variety of settings that are inside the "Registry" of your PC. Not many people realize this, but the registry of your computer is constantly being filled with corrupt & infected settings from the Security Master virus, and need to be removed to stop the infection coming back. This is done by using a registry cleaner, and is highly recommended.