How to Get Rid of Security Master AV?

Security Master Av is the latest spyware infection that pretends to be a genuine antivirus and malware software but which actually corrupts and destroys your PC. This is a software which comes from a long line of spyware and malware software such as MySecurityEngine and CleanupVirus. It is designed in a way that it is hidden from legitimate antivirus systems in your computer.

Generally distributed by Trojans, it gets installed automatically as soon as the Trojan is started. It gets installed without your consent and knowledge and automatically starts every time you switch on Windows.

When the Security Master AV is started, it automatically starts to scan and lists a number of viruses that will not be fixed unless you buy the full version of this "antivirus software". In fact the only virus you have is this. With so many scans, the virus makes it difficult to work on your PC without hindrance. What's more is that it takes over your Internet explorer in a short time and displays messages such as "This site is harmful to your PC". This makes web browsing cumbersome and irritating.

To uninstall this malware, you can use both, a manual method or another program that automatically gets rid of it. Let's look at the manual method first.

If you are a PC expert and understand the registry, you will be able to find the manual task very easy. But, this method is not advised for beginners or those who are unsure of themselves as they may end up losing more than just the malware. For the advanced users, you will need to delete all related processes, such as sld.exe, dbole.exe, and sm345d.exe, and you will then have to get into your HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folders and delete all related files, which can be found online. Also remove related DLLs and block suspicious websites.

Other websites like can also run scans and delete all the spyware immediately. Other anti-Malware software like Malware Bytes can easily remove this fake anti-spyware but it cannot fix the already damaged system files. It is a good idea to go to as it deletes Adwares, Spywares, Trojans etc and also repairs all the system files to make your computer running as good as new. If you are unable to open your web browser, you can open your computer in the safe mode with networking or use a proxy server.