How to Remove Security Master AV - Removal Guide

What is Security Master AV

The Security Master AV is classified as a rogue antispyware making it an illegitimate security tool. It usually comes from fake online scanners or unsafe video sites. At times, they are embedded with infected advertisements.

The way it attaches itself to your computer is a bit too sneaky. Therefore you wouldn't notice that it has already been transferred to computer system. Mischievous indeed! Once you log on to your computer and the Windows application starts running, it would then register itself and adds a few entries into the hosts file.

It executes in this manner so that each time you try to access any search engine it would actually redirect you to misleading sites. Along with that it releases fake malwares that are not dangerous to your system, but when it does its scan it will report your computer as being infected.

The badware wants you to think that you have viruses and Trojans in your computer requesting that you remove them by downloading the full version of the program. But since it isn't real the Security Master AV won't fix the problem. It won't do the clean up and remove the infection. Its main purpose is to cause fear so that you'd end up spending money on the false program.

How To Remove Security Master AV

Don't be too quick in disposing your computer right away. The problem can still be fixed and you can still save your computer. There are two ways to get rid of the Security Master AV. The first is to do it the automated way by using a trusted spyware. This is highly recommended as a remedy to resolve the damage done by the program.

Either an expert or a newbie to computers this is still the best way to go. It gives high assurance that the malware will be removed from the system completely. It will save you the time and hassle of going through the process of removing it on your own.

The second way is through the manual process that is technical in nature. Do make sure that you are equipped with the abilities in doing manual computer trouble shooting. If not, don't even attempt to do it. You could have more problems and delete files that could really ruin your computer.

Just in case something goes wrong, you may want to make backups of important files before proceeding with the manual removal of the program. But then again, being an expert you probably know that already. Then you will need to search for any file related to the bogus spyware and delete them. The terms used are very technical and that is why you need to be an expert at it. Please try these steps to remove security master av manually:

1. First of all, please start your computer in "Safe Mode with Networking' mode.

2. Run Registry Editor (Click on Start-->Run, type "regedit" and click on OK) and remove the infected registry entries from the following locations (Please note that you'll need to located the registry entries associated with this malware).


3. Please delete infected files and dlls from these locations on your computer;

C-->Documents and Settings-->All Users-->Application Data-->345d567C-->Documents and Settings-->All Users-->Application Data-->SMNPCTCAV

Please check If you were able to get rid of Security Master AV, otherwise Automatic Removal tools are the only answer If you want your pc back up and running smoothly.