Why Update Antivirus?

In today's world, man and machines are complementary to each other. A man's routine is directly or indirectly dependent on computers. So, it is very essential to have a healthy and fast running computer system to maintain consistency in work. Absence of security program creates lots of technical disabilities. 

To have an efficient and fast running system, it is necessary to install and update antivirus security software. Antivirus is a security application program that safeguards our system against malicious activities of rouge application codes, such as virus and malware. It is very essential to perform time to time updates of antivirus security software to avoid technical disorders.
Why Update Antivirus?

Different antivirus software, such as Kaspersky, Norton, AVG etc. have different update procedures. You must be aware of all the policies and procedures to select best antivirus security software for your system. Update of antivirus can be done in two ways. One of the ways is automatic update using Internet connectivity and other way is manual update. In case of automatic update, antivirus is updated automatically as you connect your computer to the Internet. It will prompt you to update particular antivirus security program that is installed at your system. The other method of antivirus update are.

If you really want to update antivirus software manually for example, Avira antivirus, then you need to consider the steps mentioned below-

STEP 1- Download and install latest version of Avira antivirus security software and save it to desktop.

STEP 2- Copy the downloaded setup and paste it to potable storage device such as USB.

STEP 3-Insert the USB drive to your PC without using internet connection

STEP 4-Run the Antivirus setup and got to update option and select manual update.

STEP 5-Select the downloaded antivirus file from the USB and click on "open".

Usability:  Update your antivirus software using internet connection.

Recommendation: If you still feel uncomfortable with the above mentioned update procedure, it is recommended to access services of certified technical support organizations. Their technicians will guide you to update antivirus security.