Remove Security Master AV - Conduct a Security Master AV Removal Quickly and Easily

The fact that you're curious enough to read this; means you have some experience or, you at least know something about Security Master AV. I hope for your sake you haven't actually installed it on your PC. You see, it isn't a malware protection utility at all, it is in fact malware. If you have loaded it, and now need to remove Security Master AV, you'll find it is very difficult to eliminate. Sure you can uninstall Security Master AV, and it will appear on the surface that it is gone, but the actual virus and all the damage it does will remain on your PC.

One of the characteristics of a virus is that it replicates and spreads itself all over your system. This is what makes Security Master AV Removal so hard. The malware spreads everywhere and carries out its agenda of seeking out your personal data and sending it to unscrupulous characters who sell it for profit. In the process, your system and internet connection will slow down notably.

The best thing that can happen of course is for you to not have the virus at all. This will save you the immense trouble of having to delete Security Master AV. Prevention is not that easy either though, as there are so many things you have to avoid, such as:
  • Browsing websites with browser hijacking code - as a general rule, browse only well known and reputable websites.
  • Using Adobe Software with no real time virus protection- Adobe software has proven vulnerable to attack. Just make sure you have an antivirus utility running when you use it.
  • Using P2P software like eMule or Limewire- This type of software leaves your system open to receiving all kinds of files from thousands of users who may not even have virus protection.
With this malware frequent pop-up s precede the infection. They will tell you that you PC is in danger and that you need to do something about it. The action it will suggest is to install that which you now know is actually malware.

If you're feeling lucky, an advanced user, and you aren't too busy, you could try to manually get rid of Security Master AV. It is a question of deleting all the files related to the virus. There will be.exe, and.bat files, there will also be.dll and.lnk files, they all need to be removed. You also need to do a registry hack and remove and traces to the virus in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER folders.

This procedure can work but only if done absolutely right, and if you get it wrong, you could crash your system. The best way to remove Security Master AV is to use a removal tool. It can get rid of the virus quickly, and safely, and protect you from future harm.