Virus Warning - Remove Security Master AV Without Hesitation!

The Security Master AV virus is the latest badware. As typical fake anti-spyware software, first, it would imitate a system scan and claim that your PC is infected with malicious software, and then it would make harmless files on your computer and detect them as spyware. Finally it would tick you to get the paid version of this software and claim that it can remove these infections and secure your PC. 
Virus Warning - Remove Security Master AV Without Hesitation!

Furthermore, this fake anti-spyware software displays fake security warnings and pop-ups claiming that your sensitive information can be stolen or that your PC is under attack from a remote computer. Do not trust or download this fake program, and once it appears in your computer, you should remove Security Master AV from your computer as soon as possible.

How can you know if Security Master AV infects your computer?
When you're infected with this spyware, Have you noticed?
  1. Your computer run slower and slower.
  2. Your homepage has been redirected to another site for your Internet settings have been changed by this fake program.
  3. New desktop shortcuts have been added to your PC automatically.
  4. Annoying popups
How to Remove Security Master AV Manually?
If you want to remove this software manually, please follow the instructions below. Noted to back up your registry and system, and set a restore point before this removal in case of a mistake.
  1. Stop Protection Center Processes through Task Manager
  2. Remove all the files associated with it
  3. Search all the files associated with its files with Resource Manager and delete them.
  4. Remove the registry entries generated by it.
What's the problem when using the method above?
Since this fake program can dig deep into your computer and makes it irremovable, mess with your registry setting and probably do other stuff that we don't even know about. Removing Security Master AV Manually may be a little tricky. If any mistakes are made during the process such a manual activity can permanently damage your system.

Remove Security Master AV automatically?
There is a fantastic removal tool that can help you 100% remove Security Master AV and all other rogue applications completely with great success and make sure all the associated threats are eliminated automatically with a few clicks